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Tête-à-tête with PC Sorkar Jr. & daughter Maneka There is a magician in every heart & it should be kept alive: PC Sorcar Jr.

Port Blair ,

       Having peddled his bag of tricks across the globe and penned about 21 odd books on magic, published world over, renowned Magician, P.C. Sorcar Jr. is all set to mesmerize the audience at Port Blair for the next ten days, starting tomorrow (April 20) in the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium. Married to Jayashree, the couple has three daughters, Maneka, Moubani and Mumtaz.
      For the first time in the Islands, the Magician will be performing with his daughter Maneka who is also a magician and holds a degree in MBA from Ohio University while his wife Jayashree will also perform as ever. A doctorate degree holder in Applied Psychology, Sorcar Jr., while sharing his magical journey during an interview with the 'Daily Telegrams' here today, remarked that "there is a magician in every heart and that magic should be kept alive. Whatever you do, you must be the best version of yourself".
        The love for his motherland is deep rooted in his heart and his eyes speaks volumes of the respect and pride he has for the rich Indian culture and tradition, which, he remarked, "is our greatest asset". "Youngsters must not lose touch with their roots. They must be taught about the rich culture and traditions of our country and we must all be proud of our country", said Sorcar Jr.
   P. C. Sorcar Jr. has traversed across the globe entertaining people with his magical performances; and through his magic, he wants to carry forward the great Indian cultural legacy far and wide. Being his third visit to the Islands, Sorcar Jr. disclosed that the best thing he loved about A&N Islands is 'its uniqueness of unity in diversity'. His daughter Maneka adds that the Islands are like diamond mines loaded with immense opportunities. Nature's bounty can be seen here and the Islands are a melting pot of cultural diversity, she remarked.
     About magic, Sorcar Jr. said, he loves to involve people in his magical performances. Disclosing that there are more than 25000 magicians in the country, he said, "magic will remain magic, no matter, if other forms of entertainment exist. The art of magic will continue to flourish". P.C.Sorcar Jr. is also the President of 'Illusion or Reality Magic Research Society' an association of country’s magicians. The great magician plans to open a Magic University where people can dwell deeper into the art of magic. The event at Port Blair is being organized by ‘Cloud 9’.
(Interviewed by DT Team)