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Research in agro-biodiversity is very important to ensure global food, nutrition & environment security: PM

New Delhi ,

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has said, research in agro-biodiversity is very important to ensure global food, nutrition and environment security.
Inaugurating the 1st International Agrobiodiversity Congress in New Delhi today, Shri Modi said, research needs to be done and best practices need to be noted and curated. He said, natural resources must be given to the future generations intact as it was given to us by our ancestors.
The Prime Minister said, due to global warming and pollution, different variety of plants and wild life are facing extinction and the world has to come together to save the species.
He said, this is the time people have to change the way of thinking, and to preserve the agro-biodiversity and its inhabitants. Shri Modi said, every country needs to learn from other countries. He said, nature was entwined with the society and its rituals in India by our ancestors and it kept the nature sustained and survived. 
Shri Modi said, technology is needed in agriculture for fighting malnutrition and hunger, but it should not be at the cost of sustainability and compromising the bio-diversity of the country. He said, the world community needs to develop a system where all rules related to agro-biodiversity is harmonised. 
Shri Modi also called upon the scientists and others to expand the ambit of their research so that plant and animal varieties which are helpful to farmers could be publicised. He also gave a call for launching of a comprehensive Blue Revolution the way in which several initiatives and concrete steps were taken to start Green Revolution and White Revolution in the past.
Speaking on the occasion, Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh said, Agri Bio Diversity is important for the development of agriculture and it can be utilised to bring out new varieties. He said, five bureaus are working in the country to preserve and manage the Agrobiodiversity. The Minister said, 4 lakh 29,000 samples are preserved at the Gene Bank in National Genetics Resources Bureau in New Delhi. 
Eminent agriculture scientist Dr MS Swaminathan said, Agro Bio Diversity is important for food security. 850 representatives from 60 countries are participating in the conference.