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Chief Secretary chairs meeting with Officers of Administration to resolve issues pertaining to Southern Group of Islands

Port Blair ,

      The Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, Shri Jitendra Narain today chaired a meeting with the Senior Officers of Administration and the Heads of the Department in the conference hall of  Secretariat to sort out the issues pertaining to Teressa Island in particular and the Southern Group of Islands in general. Shri Anthonai Edward, Chairman, Tribal Council, Teressa Island also attended the meeting. The DC, Nicobars and the Assistant Commissioner, Kamorta attended the meeting through video-conference.
       At the outset, the Chief Secretary underlined the need for a collective effort from all to provide a better living condition for the people of Southern Group of Islands. The grievances of the people of remote Islands such as Chowra, Katchal, Teressa etc. have to be looked into on priority and the Officers should take special effort to solve their problems at the earliest, the Chief Secretary remarked.  He said, the Senior Officers should focus on identifying availability of sources of water, creation of helipads & floating jetties covering all inhabited Islands. Self- sufficiency in water sources will be of immense help during natural calamities and cyclones, he said. The Chief Secretary further directed to construct Helipads for the Jarawas, Shompens and also at Dugong Creek for timely evacuation during emergencies. The Chief Secretary said, Helicopter should not be seen as luxury but it's an important mode of transport for the remote Islands especially during evacuations. 
      In order to ensure un-interrupted supply of essential commodities including LPG cylinders in Southern Group of Islands, the Chief Secretary directed the Shipping and PMB Departments that all the ships private and Government should take cargo during their voyage so that essential commodities reaches the Southern Group of Islands without any delay. The Administration will not allow any private ship to sail to Southern Group that refuses to take cargo, the Chief Secretary cautioned.
    To further augment the regular supply of essential commodities, the Chief Secretary directed the Shipping Department to arrange the sailing of Cargo Vessel MV Chuglam twice i.e. 1st and 15th of every month to Southern Group. The sailing schedule of the vessel has to be announced in advance, so that Govt. Departments and business people can book their cargo accordingly, so as to maintain supply chain of essential commodities, he said.
    The Chief Secretary directed the DC, Nicobars and the AC,  Kamorta to encourage the tribal population to take up planting of fruit bearing trees in a big scale, covering all inhabited small Islands in Southern Group. He also urged for maintaining cleanliness in all the Islands.  He further asked the Electricity Department to look into the possibilities of converting the Chowra and Teressa Islands into Green Islands by replacing diesel energy with solar power. 
    The Chief Secretary also directed the Shipping Department to provide more speed vessels under the control of DC, Nicobars, so that they can schedule the ships to ferry people as well as patients of nearby Islands upto Nancowry and Campbell Bay. He also asked the DC and AC of Nicobars to visit nearby Islands including Campbell Bay to have firsthand knowledge of the problems of the people there. He directed APWD to construct Guest Houses having 4 to 5 rooms capacity so that people visiting Southern Group can have a pleasant stay.
     The Chief Secretary suggested to develop facilities such as tourist corners, viewpoints, machaans (20/20) and tea shops in every Island for the benefit of the tourists and the Islanders. The locals of that area can run the tea shops and the food kiosks, the Chief Secretary added. He further said, school building and Hospital have to be face lifted by providing  good ambience. He also directed the concerned Departments to take up the construction of road at Kamorta and Teressa Islands, widening of footpath in Chowra Island, repairing of X-ray machine at Teressa Island, procuring DG sets for un-interrupted functioning of BSNL towers, availability of Ambulances in Kamorta and Teressa Islands.