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Nancowrie farmer's successful agricultural practices- a shining example for tribal community

Port Blair ,

   Every success story has its humble beginning. It takes a man's sweat to till the uncultivated land and transform it into a fruitful one. Meet a progressive farmer of Champin village of Nancowry Tehsil, Shri Mallik, S/o Shri Nishi Jeen whose love for agriculture and knowledge attained from various training programmes organized by the Agriculture Department has become a household name in the Tuhet he lives in.  Mallik, 45 is a vegetable cultivator of Champin Island living in Tapong Village of Althaheak Tuhet.  He earlier owned a small pan shop and was into fishing for earning his livelihood. From 2008, he started cultivating vegetables in a small area and gradually through sheer hard work, his income from agriculture started increasing. He started cultivating vegetables in a large area of around 0.75 Ha. for growing diversified crops.