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Providing social and financial security to girl child under ‘Dulari Scheme’

Port Blair ,

     Dulari Scheme was launched on Jan. 26, 2013 in A&N Islands, with the aim to reduce the gap in sex ratio to the replacement level of Net Reproduction Rate (NRR) i.e. 1 by ten years after implementation of the scheme whichever is earlier. The scheme is being implemented as a plan scheme. As per the present scheme, the girl child born on or after 26.01.2013 are eligible to get the benefit under the scheme for birth incentives and the girl children who are below 13 years of age not registered under the Planned family scheme (old scheme) will also get the benefit of this scheme.   
     The objective of the scheme is to reduce the gap in sex ratio to a replacement level of NRR, to encourage birth of girl child in A & N Islands, to provide social security to the newly born girl child, for her education and marriage, to adopt delayed marriage practices in respect of girl child and to encourage adoption of hospital delivery practices.
    All the girl born to either of the parents who is/are having a permanent resident of A & N Islands are eligible for availing benefit provided under Dulari scheme viz. Benefits at Birth (Hospital Delivery or Home Delivery) Rs.8,000/- & Rs.5,000/- respectively. Rs.5, 000/- will be provided to the girl child on passing VIII  standard, Rs.10, 000/- on passing X standard & Rs.10,000 on passing XII standard, Rs.5, 000/- on getting married after the age of 21years and
Rs.10, 000/- on getting married after the age of 25 years.
    A total of 24367 beneficiaries have been registered upto December 2020. The total fixed deposit issued till date for New Born Benefits (6913), VIII standard pass (10337), X standard pass (4939) and XII standard pass (2178).