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Test run of prototype e-bus acquired by Transport Deptt. shows capability of negotiating sharp curves & steep uphill gradients

Port Blair ,

 Improving the environment of the UT and at the same time protecting it from further damage has always been the priority of the A&N Administration. Automobile pollution is one of the major factors responsible for worsening of the air quality index. Hence, Administration has been taking many initiatives to reduce the air pollution being caused by the emission of automobiles. Another aspect observed in the increase of air pollution is the abnormal increase in the number of personal motor vehicles being added in the UT which cumulatively damages the environment as well as worsening the traffic situation.
    In this direction, Administration has been constantly striving to enhance the travel experience in the public transport buses by way of improving the quality of buses and its reliability so as to attract more personal vehicle users towards public transport. Induction of non polluting buses in the public transport is one aspect where Administration has been taking the lead role for setting up example so that others can emulate. The Transport Department, A & N Administration is on the course of improving the quality of public transport and also making effort to address the issues related to clean mobility such as automotive pollution, noise pollution, dependency on fossil fuel etc.
   For further improving the quality of public transport and to provide attractive & comfortable mode of transport to general public, an agreement between the Department of Transport of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd has been signed for deployment of 40 air conditioned zero tail pipe emission e-buses. The Andaman and Nicobar Administration has thus not only shown its commitment to preserve the environment of these pristine Islands but followed the Government of India's vision of moving towards electric vehicles from the existing fossil fuel vehicles.
    The Prototype e-bus has been delivered to the Transport Department on 9th December, 2020 at Port Blair. Charging infrastructures has been established with the assistance of Electricity Department and APWD at Port Blair. All types of testing with load and driving conditions on the routes in South Andaman has been completed successfully. The bus has been found to be capable of negotiating the sharp curves and steep uphill gradients of the area.
    Remaining 39 buses are expected to reach Port Blair by the end of January, 2021. These buses are fitted with GPS based vehicle tracking system with panic buttons, security cameras for the safety of commuters especially women & children and mobile phone charging ports for all the seats. Passenger Information System is provided in the buses which will not only facilitate the waiting commuters to know about the destinations of the bus but at the same time inform the travelling passengers inside the bus about the forthcoming stoppages. Traveling in these noiseless electric buses having air suspension will give the passengers a luxury travel experience.  Pictures of the historical monuments of this UT and the spots of tourist interests in A&N Islands are depicted on the body of the Prototype e-bus which is an added attraction for the onlookers.
    With the introduction of these electric buses, it is anticipated that not only the general public will get an improved noiseless public transport having zero tail pipe emission for their mobility but also motivate the personal vehicle users to opt for public transport, a press release from Directorate of Transport said.