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Countdown for launch of PSLV-C49 begins at ISRO's launch pad in Sriharikota

New Delhi ,

    The PSLV-C49 rocket is slated to lift off with an earth observation  satellite of Risat series codenamed 'EOS-01' and nine foreign commercial satellites from the first launch pad at 3.02 pm tomorrow (Nov. 7) subject to weather conditions.   EOS-01 is an advanced earth observation satellite whose synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has an all-weather and day-and-night observation capability. It can also see through clouds. EOS-01 will be used for civil applications in agriculture, forestry, soil moisture, geology, coastal monitoring and flood monitoring.
    The customer satellites include 4 each from the USA and Luxembourg and 1 from Lithuania with objectives ranging from multi mission remote sensing to maritime applications and technology demonstration. They are being launched under a commercial agreement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL).
    This will be ISRO's first satellite launch since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has slowed down all space activities since March. The last satellite ISRO had launched from Indian soil was PSLV-C48
which also carried a surveillance satellite, Risat-2BR1, on December 11, 2019. (Source: india.gov.in)