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Administration fighting COVID-19 through dedicated team of Health professionals

Port Blair ,

Port Blair, Nov. 6
        With the resolve to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Directorate of Health Services, A & N Administration through its dedicated team of Doctors, Health Care Workers and Administrative Staff are regularly carrying out the mammoth task of testing general public, rendering treatment to COVID-19 patients, distribution of medicines and pulse oximeters at the doorsteps of suspected patients on priority.  With over 1200 tests per day being conducted across this UT through RTPCR, Trunat and Rapid Antigen Test, the Administration has achieved 240400 tests per million mark which is highest in the country when compared to other States and UTs.
    It is to mention that the battle against the virus is continuing and public health remains paramount with people trying to ensure their families and friends are healthy and safe during these times. Hence, with the ongoing festive season during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to lay special emphasis on health.
     In this direction, the Directorate of Health Services has urged the people to be cautious and has issued few tips for public to stay safe during festivities in times of COVID-19:
Ø Follow all precautions - Needless to say, but wearing masks, washing hands regularly, using hand-rubs, are some of the precautions you must take to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe. Do not ignore any symptoms - Studies have now suggested that COVID-19 symptoms may actually not be the most reliable marker of the infection. However, even as many people who have contracted the virus remain asymptomatic, others who have even the mildest symptoms should not ignore them, or pass them as a "seasonal flu" or "common cold". Isolating, staying home, and taking precautions is very necessary.
Ø Avoid assumptions - There is a common assumption among people that they will not fall sick, and they are therefore careless towards the precautions of COVID-19. Assuming anything about the disease or the behaviour of the virus can prove very dangerous.
Ø Greetings - 'Namaste and not handshakes' has become the common slogan during the beginning of the pandemic.  Prefer using traditional ways of greetings, especially during the festive season, given how rapidly the virus is spreading, a press release from DHS said.