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ANIIDCO records highest turnover & net profit during financial year 2019-20

Port Blair ,

The Board of Directors of ANIIDCO in its 150th Board Meeting held on Nov. 13 has recommended for the declaration of dividend @ 30% of net profit after tax amounting to a record amount of Rs. 10.13 crores for the financial year 2019-20 against the past year's figure of Rs. 8.42 crores. 
   The declared dividend would be paid to the Industries Department, Fisheries Department & Animal Husbandry Department, who are holding 73%, 24% & 3% Equity Shares in ANIIDCO respectively, after approval in the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation. ANIIDCO has recorded its highest ever Turnover (Rs. 403.05 crores) and highest level of Net Profit (Rs. 33.77 crores) during the Financial Year 2019-2020. ANIIDCO remains committed to the sustainable development and economic progress of the Islands.